Thursday, February 26, 2009

Look what happens when Liberals want everyone to have everything...

Just look what happens when *everyone* deserves a home mortgage... Just what the liberals wanted. I sometimes think they WANTED this to happen so they could go about making the US into their little playground to try out their socialist ideals.

No matter how poor of a financial conservative George Bush was... Obama has already out-spent Bush in just over a month in office.
Eight years of deficit spending by Bush has been exceeded in a single budget proposed by Obama.

It was so hard to watch the President of the United States flat out lie to the gullible American public in last night's address. (like the spending package didn't have 'earmarks', the new appropriation bill with Billions of more earmarks - and Obama blatantly stated they didn't)

Happy now America?


Jill Parsons said...

I am actually glad I did not see last nights speech by Obama, it would have made me more angry than I already am.

Gram said...

I purposely didn't watch Obama's speech. We watched and did other things. It makes me so angry. You're right - Happy America??

Ryan said...

I'm just wondering how much they will have to spend to make everyone happy. Does our currency go that high?

Seriously, what did Obama mean with, "We are going to have to once again live within our means." Hypocrite through and through. Ridiculous.

Bruce Hubbert said...

Then again, you could just lay it at the feet of those who created it, the Bushies.

Just trying to keep the dialog lively. Too much of one side makes for a poor discussion.