Sunday, July 19, 2009

Acoustic Guitar Music of Kaki King

Last year I wrote a blog about the movie "August Rush" - I liked the music and the story. While watching a variety of "TED Talks" online, I came across a small video clip from a guitarist named Kaki King. Within seconds, I recognized the genius behind the "August Rush" guitar solos.

So I went online to iTunes and purchased a couple of her albums. I've been listening to these on various flights, and in the hotel rooms. I really like her stuff!
If you like well played acoustic guitar music, (NOT that rock riff screeching noise!) - Kaki King will make a nice addition to your collection!Perhaps not that much to look at... but, boy can she play that guitar!


Gram said...

I tried to play some of her music by following your links but I guess I didn't know what I was doing. I read the NPR review, though.

Matt Stevens said...

Keith, shes awesome man goodpost!

Dave said...

"Perhaps not that much to look at".
Somehow that must be grudgingly overlooked, that unfortunate comment there, brother. No, she's not of the current trendy plasticized pseudo-glamour, ..maybe that's what you meant.

Monika Riney said...

Perhaps not much to look at--What an ASSHOLE

kora said...

wow man!!! o.O just because she's a woman doesn't mean she's supposed to please the eye of a fat ugly old man. music is for the ears, you know, and as female musicians we're tired of our looks being constantly commented. fuck you! love kaki, though <3