Sunday, July 19, 2009

San Jose, Winds of War & Harry Potter

I spent all last week in San Jose - without a car, at the San Jose Courtyard Marriott. The rental car rate for the week was over $350... so I figured I could use the walks each night.

It was a great little facility, perfect for the AirMagnet week-long training class.
Thanks Karrissa!

I was able to catch an earlier flight home than scheduled - and so returned home two hours earlier than planned. To an empty house! Jill and Alysha were still up at Girl's Camp for the week, and Ryan had taken Rory on a long walk up Provo canyon to Bridal Veil Falls.

After doing a bit of 'catch up' on a series of "To Do" items, we packed up the rested and cleaned girls and headed down to watch the new Harry Potter film. As a family we've always enjoyed the Harry Potter series, both in reading, and in watching the films. This one has been a long time coming - Ryan and I both read this on our flights back from Switzerland... and that was a long time ago!
We enjoyed the film - but like all the series, think the book version was superior.Then off to a fine dinner at Macaroni Grill where I instituted a new family dinner rule of "no texting" at the table. We're there to enjoy each others company, so we should focus on who's at the table. Right?


This week I didn't read anything special, but watched the entire series "Winds of War" by Herman Wouk. I remembered watching this series back in 1983... (yes, I'm that old)

It is a nice representation of the things that led up to World War II. This series ends right after Pearl Harbor - I look forward to the "War and Rememberance" sequel.


Gramps said...

Thanks for sharing your current video's and current events. Glad you were able to be home early and enjoy your family.

Gram said...

I love reading about what you do and I like your takes on the movies and books. I hadn't yet read this Harry Potter book, but I wasn't thrilled with this movie. I think the last too have been too "dark" and they have to leave out too much so it is is hard to follow.

Frances said...

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