Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week at Home

The 'calm before the storm' - I was able to spend this week at home catching up on a bunch of small projects for work. Jill had to work a lot this week so I did the staying up with the summertime kids late into the evenings, walked Rory in the mornings, etc.

Tuesday night we took the Young Men and Young Women from our ward up to the new Oqurrih Mountain Temple. It was a nice evening out, the Bishop and his wife rode up with us in our car. The Temple was beautiful (of course) - a good time was had by all.
Rory has destroyed many parts of the garden boxes I worked on earlier this year - but the tomatoes are doing OK - perhaps I need to water them less (some of the leaves are turning yellow) but we did get one ripe one ready to eat. I was sitting in the breakfast nook after some of Grandpa Carlsen's breakfast of Shredded Apple, Fresh Squeezed Orange, and Sliced Banana for breakfast and had a nice view of the mountain. Later that night I thought to get a picture of it to save the moment. I got in trouble today for going to see the movie 'Up' without asking Jill first. I guess she had wanted to see it and I should have called her at work to ask her before watching it myself. I enjoyed it alot. I think we'll have to take McKinley to see it when she comes up in August.

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Gram said...

Up was a cute movie and you'll have to take Jill next time.

I love the view of Mt. Timpanogos. Too bad that Rory has ruined your garden experiment. I thought it would work out great this year. The tomato looks really good, though.