Saturday, July 4, 2009

Provo Freedom Festival - Balloon Launch

Bright and early this morning we headed down to Provo - with Jill and her parents to see the Freedom Festival's Balloon Launch.

Had a little McDonald's breakfast, and watched the balloons take off, then try to return to drop bean-bags on a target, and pop some smaller helium balloons floating at 200'.

The winner dropped their beanbag only 6' from the target, that's pretty amazing since they traveled a couple of miles away before trying to return to the field.

A good time was had by all.

We also saw my daughter Karrissa's friend from High School - Andrea and her children. (along with thousands of other on-lookers)

Jill's Mom and Dad - Bev and Ken Uptain of Othello, WA

Playing 'Hare & Hounds'

Even 'Tony the Tiger' was there

Group photo taking off

Heading south before turning back toward field

Karrissa's Friend - Andrea

Andrea's eldest daughter - Brinley?


Gramps said...

Glad you were able to attend the Balloon Launch and time with the family. So how did McK enjoy learning about poop sticks? The water was probably pretty fast. Love you Keith, you're the best.

Keith Parsons said...


It's NOT 'poop' sticks - but 'Pooh' sticks from the Winnie The Pooh stories.

It's a game where you drop sticks from one side of the bridge, then run to the other side to see who's stick comes down the river first.

Gram said...

Photos are great of you 4th morning. I used to watch them when I worked on the 5th floor. Dr. Harmon's office made a good watching place from his window overlooking the field. Glad you had a good time.