Monday, September 21, 2009

Denver & Books

This week I spent three days on an Advanced WLAN Design course by the Denver airport. It was a new venue for us - the Residence Inn. The place worked great - we'll be going back there again. Even without a car - there were multiple choices nearby for food.I chose the Uno Pizzaria for dinner one night. My favorite pizza! I don't understand why people go after that flat - whimpy - New York style pizza, when you could have a real 'Pizza Pie' - done up 'Chicago Style' - I like the Numero Uno!This week's class was a small class - and so we got done a bit early on Thursday. I had a chance to get home 4-hours earlier... but alas - no travel karma that day.

But with the extra time I was able to catch up on some e-mails, and then with the wonder that is the Kindle, went online and purchased Dan Brown's new book '
The Lost Symbol'. I finished it in Cedar City this weekend. I love reading on the Kindle!If you like Dan Brown's other books like Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons - you also like the Lost Symbol. This one is set in Washington DC and focuses on the Masons.

Earlier in the week I'd finished the last of the Abel Jones mysteries set in the Civil War - and was a bit disappointed the series is over. The last line of the book said something about Abel Jones will return for more adventures - but the author hasn't written any in the last couple of years. Bummer.


Gramps said...

You do amaze me with all the reading you do. I think you are trying to become that person who "has read every book, in every library, in the world." Keep on keeping!

Gram said...

A new series of books. Good for you! Where do you get the recommendations for your books?