Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend of Media

In reverse order...

Last night was a chance for Jill and I to go to the final concert in the Scera Shell summer series. It was a Vocal group called 'Take 6' - a group of guys who have 18+ Grammy Awards for their previous work.The 'warm-up' act was David Osmond (son of Alan Osmond who was sitting a couple rows behind us). He was on this year's American Idol and even sang a 'Take 6' song as his audition song.It's obvious he is an entertainer through and through. That guy has got TALENT. He even did an impromptu song with Take 6 during their act.

Then the main act - Take 6.
We were sitting on the 2nd row - right near the speakers, so I went up to the snack shop and purchased some ear plugs for Jill and I. (quite helpful)

They did a great job of entertaining - we both enjoyed ourselves. You could 'feel' the entire concert from those seats! These guys did some amazing vocal theatrics and beat-boxing.


Earlier in the day - Jill, Alysha and her friend Brooke went to see The Time Traveler's Wife movie. It was a tear-jerker, entertaining, and a good movie. I just have a bit of trouble with the logic behind any of the Time Travel stories. Logic flaws and inconsistencies abound. But still a good afternoon's entertainment.

Earlier this year, a friend recommended a new author to me. Owen Parry. This guy writes mystery novels set in the Civil War - with an unlikely protagonist - Abel Jones. I've now read a couple of these and have 4 more in the series to look forward to. Thanks for the recommendation!

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Gram said...

Looks like you had a good weekend and also spent time with your good wife. The concert sounded like a great time but I do understand the need for ear plugs when you are sitting that close.

A new author to keep you busy! I am glad you can read so fast and enjoy the different genres you read. Reading is so much fun.