Saturday, September 12, 2009

Manti Temple Trip & THS Football

Friday morning we stopped by and picked up Mom and Dad on our way down to Manti. Jill and I have never been through a session at the Manti Temple - and since I was home this week... we took a little road trip. The Temple there was beautiful (of course) - this was completed long ago, in 1888, about 5 years before the Salt Lake City Temple. The interior and exterior are both amazing - we even were escorted to see the 76' continuous spiral staircases that make 6 full revolutions.The food in the cafeteria wasn't all that good... but the day was.

Passing through Ephraim, we realized those going to Snow College there are living in a VERY SMALL TOWN indeed!

Then last night I again drove the Honda scooter over to the THS football game. This week was better though, they beat Lehi 44-31. I love sitting outside at the games, watching the sun set on these local mountains, and cheering on the local team. (I guess I'm one of the few folks at these games actually watching the game... most folks are chattering away, talking with neighbors, etc. - But me, I like the game.)
My nephew Michael even got a pass completion for 5 yards, as well as a few really good blocks to help others in their yards after catch.

A good day... yep, a good day.

This week was working from home week... no travel. It amazes me how many little things need to get accomplished on my week's home. Every day my list of 'To Do' items actually grew. As I'd finish one project, I'd think of others that needed to get done.

I finally setup the USB Phonograph - yes, I said "Phonograph". It allows me to 'rip' old LP and 45 records into MP3 format. So I was getting the music off of some old records I picked up in China on my mission there 30 years ago. Listening to the music brought back lots of memories of that place.


Janet said...

The Manti temple is beautiful; I did a session there for the first time about a year ago.

Thanks for coming to the game. It's great to have you there. I do enjoy sitting outside watching the sun go down, too. And I do enjoy the game, maybe not as much as you, I may be one of those chattering away . . .

Gramps said...

Thank you Keith for the post and your comments. I enjoy reading your blog and all the things you say you do, and think you say you do. Thanks for the trip to Manti and your patience and kindness to your parents.

Gram said...

Thanks for taking us to the temple. It is a beautiful edifice and I enjoyed the day with you and Jill.

The best part of football at the THS stadium is watching the mountains and the sun as it goes down on a good day like yesterday. I just needed to stay home last night.

I didn't realize you had a turntable still. I was surprised to see that picture.