Friday, September 4, 2009

Three days in Toronto

I spent most of Monday getting to Toronto... then taught an Advanced Wireless Design class for a Canadian Telco called Telus.

I stayed at a nice Hilton in Markham - a suburb north of Toronto. The place is spread out like something in Dallas. I'm glad I had a car this week.

After class Tuesday I headed over to the Toronto Temple for a session. It was a bit older and smaller than I'd thought - but very pretty none-the-less.
The weather this week was clear and just right temperature. I've been in Toronto in the winter - this mild summer was much much better.

Then Thursday after class, did the reverse trip home via Chicago and had Ryan pick me up from the airport.

It is so much easier to have someone drop-off/pick-up when flying internationally since you can't use Skycaps for international flights and it's pretty tough to schlep around all my cases on the shuttle buses.

Good to be home for the next 11 days! Yea!

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