Sunday, October 4, 2009

Homecoming & Indianapolis

After the great Hot Air Balloon trip - we watched a BYU football game, made and ate wonderful shish-ka-bobs and then also got to take pictures of Alysha and friends going to their High School Homecoming dance.A friend down the street made me a great Chocolate cake for my birthday - Thanks Darla!Then off to Indianapolis for a week.

They have pretty cheap gas

Hard Rock Cafe

Downtown Indianapolis

The 'Weber Grill' - great food

Great 'Real Free WiFi' at the SLC Airport

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Gram said...

Thanks for letting us share your birthday with you. The game was good to watch together, we enjoyed the food and it was fun to see the girls ready for their dates. Alysha looks beautiful.

We had friends from Morocco that lived in Indianapolis but we've never been there. Looks like you ate at some interesting places.