Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend in Vegas with Family

The flights back from Indianapolis were delayed - and so I didn't arrive home in Utah until 3:00am on Saturday morning. Jill, Ryan and Alysha drove down to Vegas, then on Saturday morning my Dad drove me to the airport and I also went down to Las Vegas to spend the weekend with Karrissa, Joe and the grand-daughters.

We stopped by the Bellagio hotel to visit their 'conservatory' and look at the flowers, trees, and exhibits. Next door was the world's largest 'Chocolate Fountain' - so we had to stop and also eat some chocolate stuff. We got a crepe. Mmmmm.

Then off to a great Pizza place that served 'real' pizza. Thick 'Chicago Style' pizza, not that thin whimpy stuff they try to foist on folks from New York. (Yes my preference is showing)

Home to Karrissa's for naps for all. Then the men all went to the General Conference Priesthood session at a church nearby with Joe's friend - and the girls went to the new movie 'Fame'.

Last time if Vegas we found a nice restaurant called - Claim Jumper - and really enjoyed it. So we took Ryan and Alysha with us this time. Yes - it was a great as we remembered.

Today we went over to a park called 'Tule Springs'. These springs have been around at least 11,000 years. The Mormon Pioneers stopped here from St. George while getting wood from Mt. Charleston. Then in the early 20th century when Nevada had the easiest divorces in the nation - only 6 weeks residency to qualify for a legal divorce. The springs were a haven for divorce couples to come and rest/recreate while waiting their divorces.

We took lots of pictures and had a good time walking around this 'oasis' in the Las Vegas desert.

Back home we played with the girls - and had another wonderful meal (thanks Jill and Karrissa).

At night Joe invented this new 'ride' in their house. Using an air mattress to slide down their stairs.

It is fun watching our grown kids get along together! Thanks kids - it is very fulfilling to see you all friends.

We sure miss having Brent with us - he has about 11 months left in Brazil before he comes home.

Kids all together at Bellagio

Talking Tree in the Bellagio Conservatory

Ryan is just 'Happy to be here'

Mini Bellagio Model

World's Biggest Chocolate Fountain

Our Chocolate Crepe

My Girls - Karrissa and Alysha

Me and my daughters

Poppa and McKinely playing 'Pooh Sticks'

An 'Oasis' in the Las Vegas desert

McKinley Posing

Kylie Walking

Karrissa Posing

Alysha trying to get a Peacock to spread its feathers

Alysha Posing

Alysha and McKinley

This reminded us that we sure miss Brent

Karrissa and McKinley sliding on Air Mattress

Ryan and McKinely sliding down stairs

Girls after sliding


Gram said...

I loved all the pictures of Las Vegas. You had a great time and have quite the beautiful daughters and granddaughters. Drive safely coming home. Sorry you were delayed in getting to SLC on Friday night.

Jill Parsons said...

thanks for the great time Keith. We love visiting the Winwards in Las Vegas

Anonymous said...

Hey- just an FYI there is a man calling himself Claudio Pinasco using a picture from your blog to try and scam people into renting a non-existent apartment in NYC. He's using the photo of you and your girls. Just thought I'd let you know, because if it were me I'd want to know!


Anonymous said...

Hi -

I like Katie above want to make you aware about this man calling himself Claudio Pinasco and using your picture with your 2 daughters to scam people into renting an apt in NY. He just tried to do it to me and he has a google account with your picture as his profile picture.

Be safe -