Sunday, October 25, 2009


Saturday afternoon we all headed up to see Alysha perform in the Odyssey Dance Theater's production of this year's "Thriller". A series of Halloween oriented dances. Kind of an eclectic mix of classic dances, but set with a somewhat disturbing difference... made for the Halloween season. It was hard to recognize Alysha in all that makeup - but she did a great job and I'm proud of her first dance performance with a professional troupe. Then we returned home for an even worse nightmare... watch BYU get beat-up, trounced, and mangled by the TCU Hornfrogs. It was gruesome.


Gramps said...

Thanks for taking us to "Thriller" and the lovely dinner at your home afterwards. Too bad the day couldn't have ended with a BYU win.

Gram said...

Loved going with you to Thriller. Alysha loves her dance and it was fun to see. We loved the dinner and talk but not the game, boo hoo. It was a nightmare.