Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hunger Games!

My daughter Karrissa was telling me about a new book she read called 'Hunger Games'. She loved it, and thought I would too. Then she bought me the book and the sequel for my birthday present a couple of weeks ago. (Thanks Karrissa)

I left them sit on my shelf for the past couple of weeks - waiting for the right week to read them.

I borrowed season one of '
Lie to Me' from my sister Janet - and that has been my 'travel media' on planes for the last couple of weeks.So it wasn't until dinner on Monday night that I thought to take this new book 'Hunger Games' to the restaurant downstairs for something to read during dinner. I started the book, then sat in the restaurant for 2 1/2 hours reading the story, then went up to my room and read the rest of the book till midnight. Great read!

Then with a little less intensity finished the second in the series - Catching Fire over the last two evenings.
Tonight I'm going to have 'withdrawals' - there is a third in the trilogy, but it won't be out till next year some time. BUMMER!

So obviously I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this series. It was a great read. If you want to borrow mine - just ask.


Karrissa Winward said...

I am glad you enjoyed them. I was worried you wouldn't since they are more of a teen adult literature. It is a fun, fast, easy read though huh? It leaves you at a major cliff hanger though!!

Gram said...

I speak to borrow them as soon as I finish the "Undaunted". Come home safely.