Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Additional Photos From Vacation to Moses Lake

Here are some more photos from our family vacation to Moses Lake this week.

Ryan relaxing with his iPhone after playing in the lakeMcKinley and Alysha 'fake sleeping' Out Fishing Kenny & Craig 'Watching' TV

I went out with Kenny and Grandpa Ken to go Dove Hunting with the hunting dog 'Duke'. We didn't see very many, but had a nice drive around the 'Royal Slope' farming areas south of Moses Lake.
The Hunted
Duke Hunting
Father & Son Hunting Together
Karrissa, Joe and the g-kiddies along with Alysha and Ryan went home on Monday. Jill and I stayed and went to lunch at a Mexican place with her brother and sister (and Parents) and then we went to dinner at a nice Winery on the edge of the Columbia Gorge at a 'foofy' kind of restaurant. This winery is right next to 'The Gorge' Amphitheater. A very 'pretty' night for a nice evening out.
Grapes for making Merlot
View Across the Columbia River Gorge
Guest 'Cabins'
Taking in the View on a windy evening
Windmills in the Distance
Photo from a Concert at the 'next door' Gorge Amphitheater

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Gram said...

Looks like a lovely place to be and you had a great night. I think I know exactly where it is as we have driven by on the way home to Puyallup and seen it in a distance.