Wednesday, September 24, 2008

AM-204 Orlando

Right after Sacrament Meeting on Sunday I had to leave for a flight to Orlando. Delta had changed out the normal 757 on this run, for a smaller 737... so even as a Million-Miler, Platinum Medallion... I was all the way down to number 11 on the upgrade list... So I was not only in the 'back' (you know that area where the riff-raff sit ;-)...) but in a Window seat... arrrrgh.

But the benefit was they had for sale a Fruit & Cheese plate for dinner... I really like those and had two!

Then for three days taught the AM-204 Advanced WLAN Design class here at the Orlando Airport Fairfield Inn... not a bad place.I thought I'd try to go without a rental car. It wasn't too bad with the hotel shuttle to/from the airport and a couple of restaurants in 1/2 mile for dinner at night. (Hey, it saved nearly $200!)

Now I get to go home and see Karrissa and the G-kiddies (McKinley and Kylie!) Yea!

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Gram said...

Looks like the Fairfield gig in Orlando wasn't too bad. Hope you have fun with the girls.