Saturday, September 13, 2008

Aruba Partner Training in Sunnyvale

On Monday morning, while getting my e-mail in my 'jammies' at my home office I received a call asking where I was... ominous no doubt.

I guess someone changed my schedule of when I was to be in Sunnyvale to teach an Aruba Partner class - without telling me - so I missed the first day of class. That was sure weird to have someone else teach the first day of a class and me to follow up. I guess it was good to have someone able to fill in at the last minute... but still no fault of my own. But it still felt a bit awkward going in on Tuesday in the middle of a class...

I had a chance after class on Thursday to stop by at AirMagnet and work on some details concerning a new course/update I'll be working on in October. I couldn't get on a flight out Thursday - well I could have at $860. So I caught the first (read 6:00am) flight back using Same Day Standby with Delta - a nice $0 option to switch flights on the same day as your original flight.

Next week is a 5-day AirMagnet class in Phoenix, so I was glad to have at least half-day back in Orem to catch up on some things. Like running errands, hair cuts, and setting up my parents two matching Macbook laptops. After hearing of my change to Mac, as well as my sister Janet and daughter Alysha... they decided to 'take the plunge' so I spent most of the afternoon getting them ready with software, updates, etc.

It was fun to watch Alysha perform again at the Timpanogos High School football game half time. I took videos of it yesterday... but here are some pictures of her last week's performance. Also, Ryan made this FANTASTIC cake last week - chocolate and pistacio nut scratch cake that was awesome. Today after running errands I was able to sit and watch three quarters of the BYU vs UCLA football game where the Cougars 'spanked' the Bruins in a 59-0 romp! I'm glad they got a shut-out... but it did get boring, even after the second and third string folks were in the game.

Tonight Alysha went with her friend Trevor to the Homecoming Dance - nice couple in Purple.


Gramps said...

Thanks Keith for your help with the new Mac's. I've added all my "Favorites" and been having fun typing etc. It certainly is alot faster. Thank you!

Gram said...

We appreciate the time you have spent getting us set up with Macs. I haven't spent as much time as Dad but I am learning a little and know I will love it in the end. Thanks, too, for reminding us of the excellent cake and sending special pictures of Alysha. She does look good in purple. (Cute girl, that looks very much like her sister.)

Jenny Cox said...

Alysha is gorgeous! I wish I could have seen her perform-maybe I can watch your video when I come down:) And Ryan's cake! Wow!