Sunday, September 21, 2008

ode to my iPhone

  • It wakes me up in the morning with a vibrating claxon
  • Shows me where I am and where to go on moving GPS maps
  • Reminds me of things I need to be doing
  • Lets me surf to find Wiki answers
  • Connects me with friends and family who want to talk
  • Tells me the write address or phone number I’m looking for
  • Entertains me while waiting through games
  • Keeps me current with up-to-date news
  • Lets me show off pictures of my family
  • Reminds me where I left my car in the parking lot
  • Augments my little brain with calculations and measurements
  • Informs me of the weather at home and where I’m going
  • Keeps my granddaughter occupied while waiting
  • Gently wakes me from a nap
  • Lets me take pictures of interesting things in the world around me
  • Tells me where and when I’m supposed to be somewhere
  • Surfs the Internet to see my daughters blog
  • Keeps track of my flight and travel information
  • Lists my ‘To Do’ items - organized by context
  • Keeps me synchronized with my laptop’s Calendar, To Do’s, contact list, etc.
  • Connects me with colleagues and family via e-mail
  • Keeps me in contact with my children via SMS Text messages
  • Entertains me on long flights with music and movies
  • Provides a hard drive backup of my most important files
  • On which I read my scriptures before going to sleep
Oh yea, it’s also my cell phone...


laura said...

What To-Do App do you use?

Keith Parsons said...


I looked around and tried lots of applications to replace my Outlook To Do manager that I've used for years. I adapted Outlook with additional fields to make it work the way I wanted to track my To Do items.

I finally heard of OmniFocus from a guys blog '43 folders' who ended up working for the company.

It works on my Macintosh and allows for 'Context' ie, like Errands or on my Mac with Internet, or Home office. So I can just flip to the Errands context and see all the things I need to do not at home or office. When I get to the office I switch to 'Office' context and all those items show up. When I'm at a hotel room and have a fast Internet connection I switch to those.

I use a system that is like the Getting Things Done (google GTD and you'll have LOTS of support) - but I developed this program when I was developing commercial real estate and had lots of little to do things. What I like best is anything I think of gets captured, either directly on my iPhone, into my Mac, or on a 3x5 card always in my pocket.

What is really great with this system, I don't have to remember anything... just be religious in writing down what comes in my head to do... then later when I am ready to work and have time/energy/equipment to work on things they are all there waiting for me.

It just works for me... but I've found most people need to find their 'own' method.


Gram said...

What a wonderful tool for you.