Saturday, September 20, 2008

A week in Phoenix for AirMagnet - AM-105

This past week was spent in Phoenix - teaching an AirMagnet course for five days. The temperature was in the high 90s... but it's a 'dry heat'... The class had four more people than we'd planned - but it worked out alright anyway. I had a 'first time' experience on Monday morning. I went to the assigned classroom, the room was all set and ready with tables & chairs. (the previous night the clerk at the front desk gave me a key so I could setup early) So I did my 'thing' getting the classroom ready. Distributing the student manuals and disks on each table, setting up the projector and screen, and then all my 'gadgets' and stuff that I use if class. So there I was sitting in the classroom, all alone, with the course PowerPoint up on the screen... and no students!

That was a bit weird. Usually I have way to many in class early, making it a bit awkward to setup around them.
Back down to the front desk I go to see if they've posted properly where the class is to be held... and I find out I'm on the wrong floor... same room, just one floor below. And there were all the students, patiently waiting for their instructor. I had all the students come up with me and just carry all the stuff down. We were only a couple of minutes late - but a new way to start a class. (I don't recommend it though)

This week after class at night I had a chance to visit the Apple Store to ask some questions of the Geniuses, an AT&T store to get my High-Speed Internet USB device fixed, and the Mesa Temple.
I also ate at the 'tried and true' Cheesecake Factory, and a 'famous' Phoenix icon, Pete's Fish & Chips. I recommend the Cheesecake Factory, but didn't think much of the much-ballyhooed Pete's. (They even have bumper stickers proclaiming I'm Addicted to Pete's Fish & Chips)
Saturday was full of errands and 'honey do' items - but also another BYU Football game where the Cougars skunked Wyoming 44-0. It was our family's turn to clean the Church this week so we did that little bit of service with our neighbor's the Vests after the game.


Gramps said...

Thank you Keith for your nice post and comments. Sorry about the wrong floor. That's the pits. It was good to watch the game with you Sat. Have a safe and good trip this week. We love you and appreciate all you do for everyone.

Gram said...

Sorry about the mix up on the floors, but your handled it nicely.

Karrissa Winward said...

Really? That is funny, and kind of embarrassing I guess!