Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Morning

We had our Christmas morning event at our home - with Gram and Gramps along to watch. Everyone received great gifts - both from Santa and from wrapped packages. We had great fun watching the girls open their toys, and the big kids had fun with their stuff as well.

We held the traditional Christmas breakfast at our house - but a couple of the cousins and their families were away this year so it seemed a bit 'small' - but still great fruit compote, egg casseroles, and home made cinnamon rolls.

This year Ryan made the cinnamon rolls and had two forms of frosting - cream cheese and 'regular'...

Then we waited around for the call from my son Brent who's on a mission in Brazil. But he could only talk for a little while... so he spoke with Karrissa and Joe before they had to go to Kaysville to talk with Joe's brother Steve who's also on a mission.

After a nap, we had a nice hour and a half call with Brent, learning of his adventures and mission experiences in Sao Paulo Brazil. Check out his blog at

We had a vote and this year DIDN'T go to a Christmas afternoon movie... weird break in tradition if you ask me.

Then dinner and work on iPhones and Macintoshes up at Janet's for the evening.

It was a nice Christmas at home!

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Gram said...

It was really a fun morning for us to watch as the kids found the Santa and the fun toys and clothes that were unwrapped. Ryan did a great job on the rolls and the ham and egg was my favorite.