Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kurt Bestor Christmas Concert at UVU

Last night Jill and I went with my parents to the "Celebration of Life - Kurt Bestor Christmas" concert held at the McKay Events Center at UVU... it is hard for me to not say UVCC... it took years to get to UVSC... I think it's going to take awhile to get to the 'U'niversity part of their name.

This concert was sponsored by the Central Utah Cancer Center and dedicated to the 2500+ cancer survivors. My Mom is a Breast Cancer Survivor and we were glad to be able to go and enjoy a nice night of enternatianment together with her and Dad.

I am NOT into the entire lifestyle and personal choices Mr. Bestor has made... not at all! But he does have skills and talents that make him a great performer. This was the 20th anniversary of the Kurt Bestor Christmas Concert series. The acoustics in Abravenel Hall in SLC as Soooooo much better than the sports arena of McKay Events Center. But it was still a good concert. Fun to watch and listen to.

I've never heard of his highlighted vilonist, Jenny Oaks Baker. She was AMAZING! - so I went and purchased some of her albums via iTunes so I can listen more to her great ability.
If you have a chance to attend his concert this year... I can heartedly recommend it - just ignore the self-centered and egotistical comments of Mr. Bestor - he really does have skills and a history of producing great music - I just didn't like hearing him tout his accomplishments continually.


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Jill Parsons said...

thanks for the fun time at the concert. Jenny Oaks was amazing