Monday, December 22, 2008

Last week of teaching this year!

My last week of being away from home and teaching a WLAN class was last week in Los Angeles.

Because of a couple of 'snafu's' - I only had two students in the class... the hotel was right by LAX, and the cost of parking plus rental car would have been over $400... so I just stayed in the hotel all week.
I did go out for dinner with the two students one night - at a place called Schmidt & McCormicks - the food was excellent.Because on of the students had an early flight on Friday, we went late a couple of nights, and so finished class by 11:30am on Friday...

Because of great travel karma, on the second busiest travel day of the year, I didn't arrive home in Orem until after 1:30am... I should have just driven home, I would have made it hours earlier!

But I'm now home for the rest of the year - and Karrissa, Joe, McKinley and Kylie were here at the house when I woke up Saturday morning! yea!

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