Sunday, December 7, 2008

Philadelphia for a Week

This week was spent in Philadelphia... not actually in the city, just by the Philly Airport. A bit West of the city, on a bend in the Deleware River. This is about as close as I ever got to the city this time around. I've found I can save at least $300 per week by not renting a car, not going out at night, but working in my hotel room. It is a little boring... but with Christmas just around the corner...

In one of the student exercises I have folks make a 'folder hierarchy' using the Country-State-City where you were born... this usually keeps the structure fairly 'unique' and cuts down on the overlap between students. Having been born in Kenitra Morocco 'decades' ago... I've always thought that was a bit unique.

But in doing this class exercise I've learned there is quite a bit of 'internationalism' in my classes.
When I do this internationally... Sweden, New Zealand, Netherlands, etc. I always get a wide smattering of birth locations... and normally inside the US it's more mundane.

But this week I had Havana, Budapest, Prague, London, Tel Aviv and the Panama Canal Zone!

I'm now home for ten days - and have to work hard on a course update as well as doing some recordings for new CBTs for AirMagnet.


Gramps said...

Pleased to read your blog and the interesting work that you do and places you visit. Glad that you are home for a week. You have had quite the year traveling from the East coast to the West coast and place in between in America and far off places in the world.

Jill Parsons said...

Glad your home this week. Love you!