Monday, December 8, 2008

Travel & Vacations for 2008

In preparing for our Family Christmas Letter, I did some reviewing of our lives this year. I'm glad that I 'finally' have a 'journal' in the form of this blog. It made it easy to go back and see all the things we've done this year.

Here's a detailed list of the different travel, vacations, and work we've done as a family and as myself this year.
So it's pretty obvious I did have to travel quite a bit for work, but I get to have fun times on vacation with my wife and family quite a bit as well!

Travel and Days Stats
Number of Flights - 167

Days of Family/Jill Vacation Time - 29

Total Days working - 202

- AirMagnet - 100

- Aruba Networks -32

- Consulting/Custom Training - 34

- Course Development - 35

Personal Self Improvement Training Days - 16

Weeks where I flew somewhere - 46

Weeks where I didn't fly anywhere - 6

Countries Visited

- Mexico (Encinata, Tijuana, Puerto Vallarta)

- Netherlands, Amsterdam

- Sweden, Goteborg

- New Zealand, Takapuna

- Canada, Orillia, Toronto, Ft. McMurray

Cities in the US

- Atlanta
- Boulder - Chicago - Corvallis - Dallas - Dash Point - Denver - Detroit - Estes Park - Eugene - Ft. Collins - Grand Rapids - Laguna Beach - Las Vegas - Los Angeles - Minneapolis - Moses Lake - Newark - New York City - Orlando - Philadelphia - Phoenix - Portland - San Diego - San Francisco - San Jose - Santa Barbara - Seattle - Spokane - St. Louis - Sunnyvale - Tillamook - Washington DC

Family Vacations

  • Snowmobiling at Daniel's Summit
  • Las Vegas (Spring Break, Stomp)
  • Week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • Week in Moses Lake
  • Long Weekend in San Diego/Seaworld

Keith & Jill Vacations
  • Santa Barbara, LA, Encinata, Tijuana, Dash Point, Laguna Beach (Brent's Lacrosse)
  • Boulder, Denver, Ft. Collins, Estes Park (Brent's Lacrosse)
  • Portland, Tillamook, Corvallis, Eugene (Brent's Lacrosse)
  • Las Vegas (Kylie's Birth)
  • Dallas (Brent's Lacrosse)


Karrissa Winward said...

Only six weeks out of the entire year you didn't fly somewhere? Wow!! Thanks for working so hard dad!

Gramps said...

That is quite a list Keith. Glad that you endure the flights and work in many places. We always pray for your safety and good health. Thanks for being a good provider for your family.

Gram said...

Wow! that is a lot of traveling. It is a good thing you have your packing down to an 'art'.