Friday, January 11, 2008

Aruba - Train The Trainer

This week I had a couple of days in Sunnyvale, CA.

On Tuesday I was able to attend a couple of sessions at AirMagnet for their annual sales training - as well as sitting in on their quarterly 'All Hands' meeting. It was good to get a feel for their corporate culture. I mean I deal with a lot of these AirMagnet folks all the time, sales and SEs in the regions I teach, tech support, R&D, during course development, and G&A for administrative issues... now I was able to meet them all, put faces with names and e-mail addresses.
Then onto Aruba Wed/Thurs for a Train The Trainer session. We had a 13-hour day on Wednesday... whew! - learning, and then doing 'teach backs' of the course materials. Its a bit disconcerting to have to teach in front of a bunch of other instructors who are there evaluating your every gesture... but it's over now.

Then there was the flight back... It was on a little regional jet. Not the bigger newer ones, but one of the older versions. Luckily I was able to get an aisle seat on a very full, in fact overbooked flight. Boarding early, getting all set with my stuff put away, headphones on, trying to fall asleep... then I noticed a bit of commotion ahead of me as a VERY large guy tries to fit down the aisle - but he was too fat to fit in between the seats on either side. So he just asked the people in the seats to 'push' his fat in a bit as he pushed forward to go forward. Ok, I know I'm 'a bit more robust' than others... but this guy easily had 100-150 pounds on me.

The irony, humor, or just plain bad luck, was he had the seat assignment on the window next to me. So when I got up to let him into the seat... the folks around me broke out in spontaneous laughter! I guess it must have looked fairly funny. What could I do?

When I went back to sit in my seat, there was only about 2/3rds of the seat left for me to squeeze into. And because this was a very old version, the armrest on the aisle side didn't raise. Needless to say it was a bit 'different' of a flight - just glad it was only 90 minutes...

I was able to get home in time last night to visit with Ken and Bev Uptain - showing Grandpa the Amazon Kindle, and helping reload Genealogy data to Grandma's laptop.

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