Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cold in Chicago - AM-105

Jan 28 - Feb 1


It's cold here in Chicago... like 0 degrees when I walked over to class yesterday - with a wind chill in the -30 range. Of course I only have my trusty vest with me.
The hotel doesn't look anything like this picture - it's all covered with snow.
Yesterday a couple of inches - another 8 inches today and supposedly 6-7 more tomorrow. And did I say it was cold here? So cold the snow doesn't melt... just gets 'crunchy' on the roads.
The hotel room is so much better than last week, I know it's only a LaQuinta... but hey - when compared with my drop down bed of last week... this is looking mighty fine.
Flights out of O'Hare were delayed about 4-hours today and I lost 3 of my students who opted to go home a day early... My flight tomorrow is late enough that I hope it will be back on time.I had an extra student show up for class on Monday - but Ryan was great and got a student kit shipped out - delivered Tuesday morning and the class has gone fairly well. But i am looking forward to coming home tomorrow night.

Both to check on Alysha's hurt back, and to visit with Jill's parent's who are in town.


Gram said...

Keith, you better start carrying a coat, or at least a windbreaker in the winter when you travel. I have had enough wind this past week to make me never want to live in Wyoming again. Definitely and upgrade from the hotel last week. LaQuinta Inn's are really nice. We'll look forward to seeing you this weekend, I hope.

Karrissa said...

Lori called and warned me about the weather there- she said the staff at KDC was running a bit late because of the snow!