Tuesday, January 29, 2008

'European' Hotel in Sunnyvale

Jan 23-25

It was all my fault... I was originally scheduled to go to Sunnyvale a day earlier... but since I picked up a couple of days at the mine in Arizona, I thought my origional hotel reservation was still good.

But since I missed the first day, the hotel sold the rest of the week to someone else. Doh! So when I showed up late one night - no hotel room. No worries, lots of local hotels, right? After calling 10 hotels, physically visiting another 5, I finally tracked down a very cheap hotel. How bad could it be? (there was a large conference going on)

It was a 'European' style hotel - well, that's what the web site said. It was getting late, it was raining, so I checked it out... only $40 per night in Silicon Valley. What they should have said was a situation where you had a 'shared' bathroom and shower down the hall, and the room was so small, the bed folded down from the wall.
Oh yea, I also taught an AirMagnet class during the week...

Out walking one night in downtown Sunnyvale (trying to not have to be in the small hotel room...) I came across a new target store - it had an escalator for shopping carts... cool.


Karrissa said...

Two things surprise me- you actually stayed in a crappy hotel and that you actually walked into a store on your own free will!

Gram said...

That really looks like a small hotel. No wonder you went to a store for relief. Costco in Korea had an escalator for shopping carts, as well. We miss you!