Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years Snowmobiling

Years ago we took the family snowmobiling with Kenny & Cathy (Jill's brother and sister-in-law) and so this year while everyone was home we thought it'd be a good idea again.But since Karrissa is pregnant, and McKinley too small to ride... they stayed home with Jill and I took the rest of the family up to Daniel's Summit - about 20 miles South of Heber for an afternoon's recreation out in the cold out of doors.I forgot how much physical effort it takes to ride a machine for four hours. My arms and hands are a bit sore today from gripping the handlebars. But we had a great time out playing together. Here are a bunch of photos from our day out on the mountains and high meadows near Strawberry Reservoir.
Alysha and Ryan - A great big-brother!

Maybe this will become an annual Parson's family winter vacation activity. Next year Alysha will be able to have her own sled. She did great hanging on to her big brother Ryan all day.

Joe all ready to go

They were all very helpful in digging out, and 'righting' the sleds whenever someone got a bit off track. We raced around groomed trails, up hills, jumped some jumps, went across meadows and hills of fresh snow, and got very cold.
Brent's First Crash - Fence

Brent's Second Crash - Tree...

Brent's Third Crash - over a stream and into a fence

Catching a little 'Air'


Gramps said...

It looks like everyone had a good time. You'll have to teach Brent how to ride, or keep him on the trail. You always do such great things with and for your family. Sounds like a good annual winter family adventure. Thanks son for all your computer help this week.

Gram said...

I loved seeing all the great pictures of the outdoors. Looks like fun that I would have enjoyed a few years ago.