Friday, January 11, 2008

Brent's Photo in the MCLA Lacrosse Magazine!

Earlier this year we went down to Las Vegas for the 'Best of the West' Lacrosse tournament and had a great family time with Joe, Karrissa and McKinley (oh, and Tasha too) watching a day-long tournament.

I took a bunch of pictures of Brent and his teammates. There was another guy there also taking pictures of his son (Bill Nixon of DC) - and so we swapped some of our photos.

Earlier this year I subscribed to the MCLA Lacrosse Magazine - for the league BYU's Lacrosse team plays in. This is the national tournament BYU won last year.

Brent was at the house yesterday and saw the newly arrived magazine, and while thumbing through saw this picture:
It was submitted by Bill Nixon and made it in the inaugural issue of the MCLA Magazine.

Though that picture made it in the magazine... I still think this is the better shot from the day...


Gram said...

Hey, that is great. He can save a magazine for posterity!

Jill said...

Thanks for capturing all these moments in our lives for posterity.