Saturday, January 5, 2008

Holiday Project - Ripping Movies

Ok, I admit it, I am a geek... and so for a 'geek project' this holiday I went and 'ripped' a bunch of DVDs into the iPhone/iTouch format. I travel alot, and this way I can have a bunch of videos to watch on the plane with me all the time.

I watched a couple of movies on my older iPod... but the screen was pretty small. Since I started using an iPhone, I've found watching movies on the bigger screen wasn't bad, wasn't bad at all.

So if you have either an iPhone, or iTouch (they both have this beautiful big bright screen) I've got a bunch of movies you might want to borrow.
I thought they also might worked on the smaller iPod screens... but alas, the Joe tried it he found all he got was an error message.

I had up to 7 laptops and two Macintosh comptuers all ripping at the same time in order to work through this project. I used software from for the ripping on the Windows machines and 'Handbrake' on the Macintoshs. Handbrake was a bit slower, but did a easier job when a single DVD had multiple episodes (like on the series)So here is a little graphical look, as well as a listing of the Movies I've completed already. Perhaps I'll get some more added in the future as well.
I also added a bunch of 'Series' - mostly from the BBC to this iPhone format as well:
  • Agatha Christie Mysteries- 10
  • Cadfael Mysteries - 12
  • Extras - 17
  • Firefly - 21
  • Foyle's War -8
  • Homicide - 14
  • Horatio Hornblower - 8
  • Robin Hood - 13
  • Sherlock Holmes - 40
  • Star Trek - Enterprise - 75
  • The Office - UK Version - 6


Gramps said...

You are unbelievable Keith. At least you have fun and enjoy life. Thank you for all that you do and have done for us. We couldn't ask for a better son and family.

Gram said...

All I can say is ditto to what Dad said. My first thought when I read through it, "Was, how amazing is that?" The fact that you know all this stuff is even more amazing. I hesitate to think of what my great grandchildren will know and work with and think is common in their lives.