Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Brandon Sanderson's 'Mistborn' Trilogy

I just finished last night the final book in the 'Mistborn' Trilogy. I was turned onto these books and this author from my nephew Todd Rife. Thanks Todd!

These were great.
Usually if I'm going to be reading fiction... I like historical fiction, like Bernard Cornwell, or mysteries like PD James or Patricia Cornwell... but this Fantasy stuff is pretty cool as well.

Brandon Sanderson is an amazing author. Making a very believable world with some very unique 'magic' like attributes, power and abuse of power, political intrigue, and great characters to go along with a story line that just brings the reader along.

The series was both entertaining, and thought provoking. Making me think about the 'technology' and 'magic' and how it might work together. And like all great authors made me want to be IN the story!

I was so very pleasantly surprised by the ending to this trilogy. I was half-way through the book and though I would be able to predict the end... no way! A far better ending that I could have even hoped for the trilogy. Well done Brandon!

So if you are looking for a good read - look no further than the following Brandon Sanderson books.
By the way his first book published... Elantris was also wonderful and I can highly recommend it as well.


Gramps said...

I am certainly glad that you love to read and use that to occupy your down time while on the road. No wonder you are so smart, "I bet you've read every book in every library in the world." Love and stuff.....

Gram said...

It is nice that Todd alerted you to the goodness in these books. Reading is such a blessing. I just wish I could read as fast as you. I am certainly happy that I made the effort to have you take that summer reading class in Norway. It turned you on to reading.

Keith Parsons said...


Thanks for the reading class in summer school (though I hated it at the time)

I wish there was some 'magic' I could use on Alysha to make her love reading as well.