Sunday, October 26, 2008

Goodbye MacBookAir... Easy move to MacBook

Last week Apple announced a new set of laptop computers. A new MacBook and a MacBookPro. I've been using a MacBookAir as my main machine for almost three months now. And I'm loving the Macintosh platform.

I had some time last week in Seattle after visiting the Temple and headed over to Bellevue Square shopping area to the Apple Store there so I could 'check out' the new lappies. Since there was also free WiFi in the area I took along my MacBookAir to catch up on some e-mails and work.
I compared my MacBookAir side-by-side to the new MacBook... they were almost the same height when closed. .95" vs .76" - only .2" difference between the two. The MacBook was also 1.5Lbs heavier... but the other dimensions were the same. Same screen, same keyboard, etc. But the deciding factor was the Hard Drive capacity. The MacBookAir only had an 80GB HD - and so I couldn't have my iTunes and iPhoto with me (thus I wasn't able to sync to my iPhone while on the road)So I went out of the store, went online and purchased a new MacBook right then. No hesitation. I use my laptop as a very large part of my business and anything to be more efficient. (the MacBook also has a built-in Ethernet port, internal DVD super-drive, and a massive 320GB drive to go along with the much faster CPU) - Plus it is way cool that the new MacBook is 'carved' from a single block of solid aluminum - it makes for a stiff, light, strong platform.But I was in San Diego over the weekend, and in Sunnyvale during the week and so I wasn't home to pickup the new computer.

Friday night after arriving home from the Airport I had a chance to start up the new MacBook and then start the 'magical' process of moving all the applications, settings, files, etc. between to Macintosh's. Then on Saturday morning I woke up and 'My' computer was now the MacBook. Everything exactly in the same place and working just like it was on my MacBookAir... but now on the new machine with loads of extra hard drive space.

Then a quick copy of the iTunes folders from the larger MacBookPro that has been my iPhone Sync machine and I was in business!

So to recap... I love the Apple Macintosh Operating System. That same process listed above would have taken me at least 6 solid hours working on two windows machines and I would have never got it 'just right'. This Apple process took my attention for only about a total of 20 minutes and now I'm up and running on a new machine and also have it fully backed up on a local USB Drive as well as an online backup service. Peace of Mind... aahhhh....

Thanks to Ryan, who sold my MacBookAir to a friend of his - I had a replacement buyer and had a very low net transfer cost to move to the new machine. I restored the MacBookAir back to factory default and Taylor came and picked up his MacBookAir last night. I'm sure I'll miss the lighter, thinner laptop - but having a huge HD and quicker response is appreciated!

Goodbye MacBookAir...


Gramps said...

Way to go Keith. Keep up with the Mac's. Glad you got a good deal and selling price for your Mac. We enjoy reading about your work, books, etc.
We dearly appreciate you help with our computers.

Gram said...

Great description, Keith. I am happy you got the new Mac and was able to get it up and running so easily.