Saturday, November 1, 2008

3-days in Atlanta... and didn't leave the hotel

Monday afternoon I had a bit of a rush traveling to the airport. Waiting for a AAA tow truck to come and help get Alysha's car into the shop... I thought he would tow the car for me, but instead he gave a very temporary fix by hammering the fuel pump into submission... thus Dad couldn't take me to the airport and I had to drive myself. (Not that I mind driving myself, but Alysha wanted to use my car while her's was getting fixed)

Since Atlanta is a Delta Hub (as is Salt Lake City) the cost to fly Delta was horrendous. So I ended up flying on Frontier Airlines. Not bad, they fly Airbus A320s - with TV's in the seat backs.
But the flight out of Denver on the way down to Atlanta was delayed - so I didn't get in until 1:00am... Then taught three days of AirMagnet WLAN Design training. Didn't get rental car, and so stayed in the hotel for three days straight. (Good thing they had a fairly decent restaurant) The flight home was again a bit of a nightmare. I was done with class early enough to catch an earlier flight home. But NOOOOOO... Frontier wouldn't have any of that! They tried to charge $270 MORE for switching out to an earlier flight... that had over 20 empty seats. So instead I went to the Delta Crown room and watched the last of the Sharpe series movies on my laptop.

Then the flight was delayed coming into Atlanta, thus we were late back to Denver, and they had to hold the Salt Lake City flight 30 mintues to get all of us on that flight... so I ended up getting home 5 hours later than if they had just let me do a standby on the earlier flight.

I really like flying on an airline where I have a bit of 'clout' and can get a little respect from the staff. (Platinum on Delta and Gold on United seem to help a bit eh?)

It was nice this week to have a couple of days back in Utah to catch up on work, clean up the office a bit and spend at least a little more time with my family.


Gramps said...

Sorry about the flights. That is the pits knowing how you like to use your time wisely. I appreciate your blog and the pictures.

Gram said...

Dad said exactly what I was thinking. I guess after 52 years we do think alike. I am glad you are back home with your family.