Sunday, November 16, 2008

Where I've Lived-Visited-Want to Go...

I found this web site online that allows one to easily build a world map showing where they have lived, visited and want to visit.

Check it out at

Here is my current map... hopefully I'll be able to update this from only 50 countries visited to my goal of 100 before I tire of travel.
I still have four states to go for all 50 - I think I'll be able to get West Virginia the next time I'm in Washington DC... Alaska when Jill and I go on a cruise there... but for the Dakotas? no clue.


Gramps said...

Pretty cool map. You need to go to N and S Dakota in the winter to really appreciate your visit. Some great goals to work towards. Be safe in NZ.

Gram said...

I agree with Dad - BE SAFE! That is a neat map and it helps you see by color just where you still want to go. I am amazed at all your travel now.