Thursday, November 6, 2008

What America's Agenda Should Be!

A cousin sent me a request to support a group... I didn't actually like their platform, but... it did make me think about what I do support.

So here is my list of what America's agenda should be.

obama? Are you listening?


This is what I believe we should be working for.

  • Say NO to bailouts
  • Say yes to more coal
  • Say yes to solar
  • Say yes to nuclear
  • Say yes to more drilling
  • Say yes to natural gas
  • Say yes to micro-power
  • Say yes to wind power
  • Say yes to more tar sands
  • Say yes to more R&D Spending
  • Say NO to welfare without work
  • Say yes to a strong military
  • Say yes to PEACE
  • Say NO to Abortion
  • Say NO to Gay Marriage
  • Say yes to Line Item Veto
  • Say NO to pork barrel spending
  • Say NO to entitlements
  • Say NO to teacher's unions
  • Say NO to all unions
  • Say yes to better education
  • Say yes to closing the borders
  • Say yes to controlled immigration
  • Say NO to illegal immigrants
  • Say NO to appeasing Europe
  • Say yes to keep the Bush tax cuts
  • Say yes to a flat tax
  • Say yes to an English Only policy
  • Say yes to free English training for anyone
  • Say NO to the religion of Global Warming
  • Say yes to self-sufficiency
  • Say NO to more government
  • Say NO to professional politicians
  • Say yes to term limits
  • Say NO to farm subsidies
  • Say NO to paying peoples mortgages with our money
  • Say yes to first family, then church, then community for help
  • Say yes to 'faith-based' activities
  • Say NO to community organizations
  • Say yes to Israel
  • Say NO to supporting terrorist countries
Keith Parsons


G Gang said...

What a great list! Would you consider running for office? :-)

Gram said...

That was a wonderful list! It needs to be sent to all Utah representatives and senators as well as to President Elect Obama. Good Job, Keith!