Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Ok... its now pretty much over... obama has been elected our next president.

I really don't think all those folks who voted really understand what they just did. The first arab-american president of the United States just pulled the wool over everyone's eyes.

Not that I was ever enamored with McCain... but though the electoral votes easily put obama on top, it is still very telling that only 3-4% of the population differ between the candidates. Especially when you think of how over-the-top biased the media was towards their 'glamor boy' - He should have had must more support.

So... what are we to do now. I know not what I can do/or have done to make any sort of change in this situation. It's hard to be positive about the situation as our country quickly slips towards socialism. obama and his trainers have slipped one over on the American public.

Part of me wants to just sit back and watch as those who voted for this "man" have to end up living with his results. The quote comes to mind... "by their fruits ye shall know they are mine" - lets see just who's man this mr. obama is and what he really represents.

You can't tell me this wasn't a racially motivated election... over 95% of blacks voted for him... that's NOT racially motivated? Come on...

Others have been much more eloquent online with their statements about obama and his lack of experience and the many many ways he is wrong for America...so I won't waste any time reiteratting those.

But I can see how it would be difficult to vote for McCain as well... if the only reason to vote for McCain is that he ISN'T obama... it's just what the media wanted. obama is our new president it the most part to the liberal media, but also a great big kudos to Huckabee, obama should give him a great big part in his new government for being the one who in great part put him in the white house.

Another part of me just wants to remember Senator Orrin Hatch's prediction today that because of this obama election the "Consitution would hang by a thread"

Sad, sad, sad.


Karrissa Winward said...

Agreed. I really liked your comment on the Buchanan's blog that you hope you are proved wrong for the sake of the country. I keep feeling that way, but kind of like, I hope all those that voted for him are regretting their decision soon, but then you don't really want that because you would be suffering the consequences right there with them. What a sad night.

DentalDad said...

Keith, I was talking to Karrissa earlier and I told her how greatful I was for in-laws that feel the same way as I do. I feel that our country has been deceived by an eloquent speaker. I pray that those of us that have the spirit to guide us will be able to prepare ourselves for things to come. I'm not saying that it's the end of the world now that Obama is president, but I feel that our World is going to change and we are going to have to be stronger than we were before. Thanks again for being a leader in our family.

Gramps said...

Thanks for your comments Keith. I didn't know you felt so strongly about this subject. Good for you. Thanks for sharing and being there for your family and extended family.

mlcarlsen said...

Keith, I'm with you on this and appreciated reading your thoughts on the subject this morning (as I am in mourning) for what this wonderful country will begin to suffer. I'm sure that those who founded this nation could not have envisioned the situation created by this election.

Gram said...

Oh, Keith. You expressed the regret so well. I second all you said. I am saddened but we have to hope a pray that we can live to follow the Savior and keep our heads above what is going to happen. I especially liked that you said he is an "Arab-American" and not a Black American. All his Muslim connections and the people he surrounds himself with are just scary to me. I hope I am wrong...but we shall see.

Keith Parsons said...


The 'Arab-American' comment was not because of his Muslim friends... but because if Father and that side of the family are not Blacks from Africa, but Black Arabs who were the Slave Traders... not the Slaves sold to America.