Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving At Home!

It was sure nice to be home this week!

I arrived home on Friday afternoon - about three hours before I left New Zealand (oh, the wonders of the International Date Line!) and promptly went to dinner at Sizzler with Jill, Ryan and Alysha. We had a great time talking, catching up, and eating lots of little shrimps.

Saturday was filled with lots of little errands, getting caught up with household and office stuff that gets left behind when I'm gone for two weeks straight. Then home for the BYU -vs- Utah grudge match Football game. And 'No' - I don't want to talk about it!

I had lots of work to catch up on and go through multiple pages of 'To Do' lists... but whittle many of them away before Wednesday night when my daughter Karrissa and her family came up from their home in Las Vegas to spend some time this holiday weekend with us. I 'Surprised' Karrissa and Joe with my Mongolian Beef... (she asked for it, and I surprised her with it...)

Then up at 5:45am on Thursday to get the Turkey out of the overnight 'Brine' soaking and prepare it for the oven. Then after a bit of an early morning nap... I got into making the rest of my list for the big Family Thanksgiving Dinner (Lunch). I was responsible for the Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, and Gravy. I enjoy making all of them... but the kitchen was way too warm for me by the end. (Thanks to all those others who made the rest of the meal!) I especially enjoy eating the dressing... so I spend extra time with it. Adding onions, green onions, mushrooms, walnuts, and extra-fine chopped celery. Mmmmmmm Good!

Then at 1:00pm we met up at my sister Janet's house and had a big family and friend get-together, ate lots of food, watch a bit of football and visited a lot.

For the evening's entertainment we went to the new movie 'Australia' - it was a grand epic in the 'Gone with the Wind' genre. I enjoyed the movie, and it's long running time. (Feels like you're getting more for your money when you have to leave for the restroom mid-movie)
It was very fun having my grand-daughters here this weekend. McKinley is talking soooo much better. I can actually understand what she is saying when I'm in the room with her. (Over the phone its sometimes a bit hard to understand) She likes to play with dolls, 'buys' (money), sing songs, read books, and get 'flipped' around. I enjoy being called 'pop pa' in her cute little voice!

Jill's parents will be here today and Karrissa and Joe back on Saturday from visiting with his family. It's nice to be home for a week of family time!


Gram said...

You deserve a week of family time. You did an excellent job with the food. It was the best turkey I have ever eaten. Stuffing, gravy and potatoes were also excellent. I know what you mean by a hot kitchen. That is the way mine was on Wednesday. I've decided I should have stayed home and baked my rolls in my own oven as I think they would have turned out better - next time.

Janet said...

The turkey, potatoes, stuffing and gravy were delicious! And thanks for getting the movie tickets - I will pay you - eventually . . . just kidding. Good to have you home.

Jill Parsons said...

thanks Keith for everything!