Monday, November 24, 2008

Week in New Zealand

I spent an enjoyable week teaching a custom set of courses for Kalooma in Auckland. Actually I was at the 'Spencer on Byron' hotel in the North Shore community of Takapuna. There was 'lawn bowling' across the street, swimming, kayaking, and running races on the Takapuna beach a couple blocks away, and Rugby on the TV to augment the Women's Soccer World Cup. Lots of 'sports' going on in New Zealand. I cut my chin shaving on the first day of class... and it wouldn't stop bleeding! - So I had to start the class and teach the first 45 minutes holding a series of bloody napkins on my chin. How embarrassing!

A very pretty place... I could easily live there, but... It's way too far away from family. Next time down I'll have to take Jill along with me and stay some extra days to do some sightseeing.

Auckland real estate has a unique flavor with lots of 'filigree' and extra little touches on their homes. The 'Silver Fern' is a special New Zealand favorite - and logo for their Country's All Blacks Rugby team. The flight home was uneventful... just weird landing in Salt Lake City three hours before I left Auckland New Zealand! (that silly old International Date Line thing)

After arriving home we took the kids to dinner at Sizzler (Ryan and Alysha's favorite) and had a very enjoyable time talking and visiting with our children.


Karrissa Winward said...

I love the homes there! So beautiful!

Gramps said...

Glad that you enjoyed the trip to NZ and was able to see some beautiful places. It looks like a nice place, but then again, too far away.

Gram said...

It is nice to have you home again with your family. I loved the photos you posted. The houses look darling. I like the filigree and adornments on the outside.