Thursday, November 13, 2008

My 'Life List'

After doing that 'Tag' for my blog, it made me think about the things I'd like to do with the remainder of my life.

Here's my first pass. I had a couple of these already in my computer for my travel list... but I updated it and put in the things that I think are possible.

Please give me your input on things you think I might want to add to this list.




Keith Parsons – Life List

Do These Things

  • See a total eclipse of the Sun - Faroe Islands - 2015
  • Go Sky diving or Para sailing
  • Raft the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon
  • See a Volcano Erupting
  • Spend a Christmas in New York City
  • Drive along Route 66
  • African Photo Safari
  • Float in the Dead Sea
  • See the Northern lights

Visit These Places

  • All 50 States – Still need S.D., N.D., Alaska, WV
  • 100 Countries – Still need 45 more
  • All 7 continents – Still need Antarctica
  • All National Parks in Utah
  1. Acropolis in Athens
  2. Angkor Wat in Cambodia
  3. Antarctica
  4. Eiffel Tower in Paris
  5. Great Wall of China
  6. Hagia Sophia in Istanbul
  7. Jerusalem in Israel
  8. Machu Picchu
  9. Mesa Verde
  10. Mount Kilimanjaro
  11. Panama Canal
  12. Petra in Jordan
  13. Pyramids of Giza in Egypt
  14. Ruins of Pompeii
  15. Statue of Christ in Rio
  16. Taj Mahal
  17. Terracotta Warriors
  18. The Louvre
  19. Three Gorges/ Yangtze River
  20. Tower of London
  21. Venice
  22. Victoria Falls


Gram said...

That definitely is quite the life list when you are already traveling so much for your work. They are all wonderful tings to see and do.

My Life List said...

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Bill Starr
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