Saturday, November 29, 2008

A day out...

This afternoon we went for a little 'adventure' - Jill's Parents, Ryan, and then Karrissa & Joe and their cute girls joined us. First we went up to the Cabela's in Lehi - I've never been there before. Reminded me why I'm not the 'hunter' type. But I did enjoy the 'stuff' they had as well as the many exhibits. Kind of like a natural history museum... but not to show off the animals, but to show of the types of things you can kill with their equipment. A little freaky if you ask me. It was a large building, and quite professional and clean with lots and lots of things that would be fun to have/play with.

Then we went down the hill to Thanksgiving Point - the Museum of Ancient Life... another local attraction that I've never been to.
We met up with Karrissa's family and went through the museum together. "The World's Largest Dinosaur Museum"! - I was a little underwhelmed in the beginning... I overheard someone say something about it just goes around this one corner then directly to the exit... and we'd only been inside for 10 minutes or so. But they were WRONG. It was a very large museum and quite well done. I was personally wrong thinking my grand-daughter McKinley at only 2 years old would be too young to appreciate it. She had a ball! I quite enjoyed carrying her around to different exhibits and talking with her about what we saw. I must say she is quite intelligent. (and you know where she got that from... yea, her Dad's side of the family) - ha, got you there eh? She is talking so much better than just a couple of month's ago when we were in San Diego with her at SeaWorld. She saw a 'dolphin' - well the bones of one and a small picture. And she remembered about how this 'fish' would jump and splash. She also knew about the differences between 'sharks', 'fish', 'whales', etc. As well as all the other recognizable animals in the exhibits. Kinny didn't like getting her hands dirty in the 'erosion tank' or other kids-level exhibits and had to wash her hands. But she did enjoy the hand-dryer machine... using it over and over.

Kinny liked making the sound of a 'Dinosaur' roar!

Kylie looks a bit like 'Magneto' from the X-Men movies eh? - But ooh soo cute!

After a great time in the Museum we headed over to Applebees for some dinner together. (Alysha got home from her 'girls at the cabin' thing early and drove up and had dinner with us) It was great having the entire family together (well, all but Brent...) for dinner. A good time was had by all.

Thanks to Jill for being the Grand-Daughter entertainment system while we waited for dinner!


Karrissa Winward said...

McKinley is a smart little girl and you guys provide so many opportunities for her to learn and grow!

Gram said...

I am happy you had a good time with family on Saturday. I think the museum is quite nice. I was surprised you said that McKinley didn't like the water and digging places. Chase and Chloe loved trying to find the bones in the sand. Yes, McKinley is a sharp little girl and I know you love teaching her things.