Monday, October 20, 2008

Private AM-105 Class for Boeing in Renton

I had a chance last week to spend some time back up in the Great Northwest. The weather was nice and crisp... just as an autumn day should be. Oh, but I was also in Seattle... so I also got grey skies and rain. But when it's pretty there... it's very pretty.

The class was held at one of the office buildings in Renton - I had to get a special pass, showing my passport and everything... whoo whoo.
I had a chance to visit for a long dinner and lots of talk with my old friend from High School - Dave Conger. Dave was working the the Microsoft campus and so we met at King Wha's in Burien on his way home. (best Mongolian Beef in the world!)

After four hours of talking, and solving the world's issues, we decided to make it a night.

Another evening I had a chance to go to the Seattle Temple. This is where Jill and I were married nearly 27 years ago! The outside was getting a face-lift... but the inside looked great (already been upgraded with new tile, wood, and furniture)
Then on Thursday had a chance to do a little 'field trip' over to the plant where they produce the 737s, pretty cool to see the production line there. The planes move forward at two inches per hour... working their way down to total completion in a little under five days. They contain over 327,000 individual parts!Perhaps this will be their newest plane that can go faster, eh?But the facility was stopped due to a labor union strike. (don't get me started on Labor Unions!)

The fall colors in the trees were really something to see. Bright reds, oranges, and yellows... these are just from the trees around my hotel.
Then off to San Diego for a little vacation with my family!


Gramps said...

The good ole northwest. No place more beautiful when the weather is good. The skies are bluer in Seattle.
Enjoyed your pictures. Thanks.

Gram said...

I love Seattle in the clear blue skies. Your photos of the temple area looked so nice. I want some Mongolian Beef. You keep talking about the place so we're going to have to make another trip to the northwest so we can eat Mongolian Beef there. It was interesting to read about your trip to Boeing and also learning how to teach your latest VOIP class. I am amazed at how you adapt and continue to learn and teach. You do have a beautiful mind.