Sunday, October 5, 2008

Eragon Trilogy?

I received a copy of Christopher Paolini's new Book Brisingr for by Birthday last week. Knowing I needed to do a bit of 'review' before reading the new 'final' ending to the Eragon Trilogy I watched the Eragon movie... the book was so much better... then I thought to read the second novel Eldest before launching into this latest tome.

The new book is pretty big, and I was already pretty loaded going up to Canada for a week... so I purchased the Eldest for my Kindle and left the Brisingr at home...

Well I finished Eldest the second night in Canada... What to do... what to do... I really wanted to keep reading the next book but I left it at home. I was thinking of having Ryan overnight it up to me. But that would be a bit expensive. The Kindle couldn't get it's normal 'cell phone' connection in Canada (Kindle's Wireless Service is only offered in the US) Bummer...

Then I remember all the copies of my purchased Kindle books
are available online at for download. So I purchased a Kindle version of Brisingr, downloaded it to my laptop, then transferred it via USB cable to the Kindle. Voila, I could keep reading.

I finished Brisingr on the flight down from Edmonton to SLC.
Just in time to find out the author had more story to tell and Brisingr is not the last book in the trilogy... but the third of four books in the series. Bummer no closer yet for our hero and his Dragon!

Now another long wait till we can find out what happens in the story.


Gramps said...

You are amazing Keith. What a great talent for the world's technology. Glad you are home safe and sound from another interesting trip.

Karrissa Winward said...

Joe is still trying to finish Brisnger. He needs to hurry up! Did you like it?

Gram said...

I feel like Dad - you are so amazing with all the knowledge of technology that you know. I guess I'll have to save up for a kindle. It sounds like you, Rich and Todd enjoy the kindle. It is hard to believe that you got through those two big books while you were gone.