Tuesday, October 21, 2008

UEA Trip to San Diego

Hello from the great state of California. I was teaching last week up in Seattle and then flew down to San Diego to go to SeaWorld and the 'Seaport Village' with the rest of the family over the weekend. Since I had to teach in Sunnyvale this week I just flew up here from San Diego yesterday.

Jill, Ryan and Alysha drove down last week to Las Vegas Wednesday after work... then picked up Joe after school on Thursday to drive the rest of the way down to San Diego. They took McKinley to the San Diego Zoo on Friday, we went to SeaWorld on Saturday, and then Sunday down at Seaport Village (by the Embassy Suites we stayed at before) - then I flew here, and they went on to Coronado Beach and Hotel for the rest of the afternoon before driving back to Vegas.
Jill was really looking forward to seeing McKinley at the Zoo and SeaWorld... and she wasn't disappointed! McKinley LOVED the Shamu show (Karrissa... the Shamu Whale show?) - so much that we went back at night and watched it again.

Though McKinley was talking about 'See Sharks' for the last couple of weeks... she actually slept in Jill's arms all through the shark pavilion. But I carried her through the Penguin exhibit and she loved those as well as the Polar Bears with Jill later in the day.

Kylie was just perfect - laughed, entertained herself and hardly made a peep all day. I'm sure Karrissa is going to post some of the Zoo pictures as well on her blog.

I got soaked on a couple of the rides - but Karrissa and Joe really got drenched. We had to get some new clothes for Karrissa... Don't get in the front seat of the 'Atlantis' roller-coaster/water drop ride.

I think they'll go shopping at the outlet stores today then drive on home.

Here's some photos from the great weekend in San Diego!

Grandma 'G' (pronounced with a hard G sound like M) and 'her' girls

Poppa with McKinley watching the whales


Winward Family after a day in SeaWorld

Right Before Atlantis - Don't they look 'Dry and Comfortable'?

After Atlantis - are those wet rats?

Dolphin Area - Where Brent' almost jumped in years ago - they have the same schtick today.

Family After a long day - over 13,000 steps on my pedometer!

McKinley Enjoying the Shamu Show

Waiting for the Killer Whale show to start

Nice stroll around the harbor in San Diego's 'Seaport Village'


Janet said...

I'm jealous. There's nothing like a southern California trip with the fam. And I just love San Diego. I'm glad you had a good time!

Gramps said...

I agree with Janet. Nothing like a trip to San Diego area. We certainly enjoyed the year we were there with both families. Glad you had a great time.

Karrissa Winward said...

Thanks so much! It was such an awesome trip! I loved watching McKinley enjoy he shamus and all the other animals!

Gram said...

Thanks for posting those lovely photos and they were all appropriately named. I loved the faces on McKinley, what a cute kid! Karrissa and Joe did look like drowned rats. We have loved San Diego the two times we have been there. The first time was the most fun because the Parsons' and Rife's and their children were there to share the fun with. It is so nice to go places with grandchildren.

Jenny Cox said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip! And I'm sure it was so fun to have cute little kids with you! I love Jill's green purse!