Monday, October 20, 2008

Development of VoIP Portion of AirMagnet Course

I've been a bit lazy and not staying up with my weekly blog... (slap on the wrist) - So this is from two weeks ago.


I've been tasked with an upgrade and enhancement to a course I've been teaching for AirMagnet. I needed to add a section on Fundamentals of Voice over IP as a prep for the AirMagnet VoFi Analyzer product.
So this week was spent in that development

Flying over to San Jose to meet with the team who developed the VoFi Program and sitting through a VoIP generic class so I could glean something on how to best teach the basic fundamentals of VoIP.
I learned a lot from the developers and basically nothing from the class. Sometimes it is a bit frustrating in this industry of IT Training... not everyone is very good at what they actually teach.

This instructor was a retired Southwest Bell engineer... old, boring, and was tied to the history of how telephone companies did things... not about the great technology we have today to use IP packet to transmit voice conversations.
These enhancements in voice traffic are what made all those expensive long-distance calls of the past now drop down to mere pennies... So I'm kind of on my own, well me and about 15 books, to pare down to a single 1-2 hour lecture.

So here's a picture of a mix between old telephones and new IP networks...


Gramps said...

VoIP is a great technology. It certainly helps me cut down on my phone bill. Just don't lose power or we're all dead in the water. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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