Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Back in Orillia Again...

Back in Orillia again... After a very long day of travel yesterday, I'm back in Orillia once again. This time teaching our WLSAT class (Wireless Hacking) to the E-Crimes division of the Ontario Provincial Police.

Yesterday morning I received a phone call from United Airlines to tell me my flight from Chicago to Toronto was canceled because of planned weather. Yikes... but thinking quickly I asked if there was any other flights earlier before the big storm hit. There was, but I'd have to leave right then in order to make it to the SLC airport on time.

Ken & Bev let me haul my boxes and stuff to the airport with them on their way to Patty's in Grantsville. I made it to the airport with 28 minutes before the flight... and made it! Then in Chicago had to rush to the other terminal and barely made it to the plane to Toronto. Then the storm hit while we were still on the taxiway. But the ATC and the Pilot figured it was ok, and so we took off for Toronto.

There United had 'lost' the luggage of over half the flight. Of course know one was told anything about this until after waiting 45 minutes watching all the bags go round and round. Finally we were all asked to fill out three forms - then when I got to the front of the line they 'found' my cases. (A Travel Miracle!)

Then there was the 'Universal Rental Car' - that turned out to be a couple of Indian fellows working from a small little office 20 minutes from the airport with 5 total cars to rent and had to manually enter everything into an outdated computer.

Needless to say the 2-hour drive after all this to Orillia was almost pleasant by comparison.

I'll teach two more days of this then off to home on Saturday!

Oh, yea, I almost forgot. Here's the URL for the Orillia song on YouTube.


Karrissa said...

I never want to hear that song again!!!

Gramps said...

All those great flying experiences you have. I don't know how you have the patience and determination. I agree with Karrissa, I don't care to hear that song again. Looks like Orillia would be a good place for a family vacation.

Gram said...

I am so happy you made it safely. How does your heart stand all those panic adjustments. I know you - you just don't panic. Have fun in Orillia. I don't agree with Gramps - I don't want a family vacation in Orillia.