Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mini Vacation with Jill and Lacrosse

We're just about ready to leave to the Airport for a little 'vacation' down to Southern California - just Jill and I.

Tonight will be the season opener for Brent's BYU Lacrosse against University of California Santa Barbara. We'll have dinner with Jill's brother Ken and his wife Cathy before the game.

Friday we'll head down to Tijauana with them for a day-trip. Saturday is another BYU Lacrosse game - vs Chapman College - We're helping provide the Dinner for the team after the game. Then on Monday is the final game against Whittier College. Tuesday Jill flies home, and I'm off to Philadelphia to teach an Advanced WLAN Design class.


Gram said...

Have a great and safe trip. We'll be thinking of you. Please post pictures - hope Brent gets the playing time he wants. We love you!

Amberlin said...

Awww southern California..where I will soon be living!

Anonymous said...

Ah to be in warm weather - have fun!