Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cheer Competition & IKEA

Saturday afternoon we went to watch the High School Cheerleading Competition in Sandy - Jill and her parents. It was WAY loud (I brought some earplugs because I remember last year Jill covering McKinley's ears) - It was still loud in spite of the ear plugs.

But it was fun watching Alysha and her friends do the Cheer thing. They took 2nd place. A pretty good routine. Alysha's back has been hurting her a lot lately, but the doctors did a 'scope' thing and injected pain meds and anti-infamitory stuff right in her SI joint last week so she wasn't hurting too bad.

Waiting for Timpanogos High School to go.

Alysha got some pretty good height on this one...
Waiting for the Awards Results...

After the competition, Jill and I took Ken and Bev to IKEA - to pick something up for Karrissa, as well as to have Swedish Meatballs for dinner . It was their first time to IKEA so we got to 'show them the ropes' Grandpa didn't know if he'd like the gravy on the meatballs at first... the taste kind of grows on you. Both Ken and Bev enjoyed the meal.
I personally like fries with mine... So we bought two bags of meatballs to have later at home!

Later in the evening I took Grandpa Ken with me down to BYU IPF to watch the Timpanogos Lacrosse team play indoor winter ball. I have to get my 'fix' of LAX while waiting for the BYU season to start up again in a couple of weeks.


Karrissa said...

Thanks for the pics of the competition. I miss watching Alysha cheer!

Laura H said...

Cute girl! She's looking a little like Karrissa these days. I can't believe she's driving!
Yummy meatballs and fun IKEA!

nanajan said...

Sounds like a good weekend. Alysha is a cutie! Ikea is always fun.

Gram said...

Great weekend fun! I am so happy Alysha was feeling up to "cheer". She has missed so much this year with her pain it is nice to see her be able to do the thing she likes best. Cute girl and yes, she looks and walks, etc. like her older sister. It was nice you were able to show Bev and Ken Ikea. The fried rice on Sunday was also great.