Saturday, February 23, 2008

BYU -vs- Simon Frasier Game

Today was the BYU -vs- Simon Frasier lacrosse game at the RB Practice Turf field. It was a bit cold, but the sun came out and we had a great time watching Lacrosse.Brent got a great 'ground ball' and was going toward the other goal and was tripped... The Simon Frasier team came down from Vancouver BC - and played a very slow boring offense. Our boys didn't play great... but we handily won the game. A lot of 3rd & 4th string players also got a chance for playing time.
Brent got lots of playing time and it was refreshing to have 'normal' (read fair) referees. No... they don't always support the 'Y' - but... they called both sides - thus the 'normal' word up above.Patty, Duane, Sarah and Bryce came to the game as well and afterwards we had a late lunch at Brick Oven.
Duane needed some things transferred from his old laptop to his new one... but the old laptop *only* had a floppy and the new one only USB... thus I had to scrounge around at the office and find a laptop that could do the transfers - but we got him on his way with the new laptop and old data all together.

Tomorrow I'm off to Orlando for a week of teaching AirMagnet - Alysha is down their right now with the Timpanogos Cheer squad at nationals.


Gram said...

Great pictures Keith. You new camera allows great action shots. It was fun to watch this afternoon, although I will say I was cold when I left. It was good you could assist Duane with his complicated problem.

Karrissa said...

Wish we could have been there, especially for the Brick Oven part:)