Sunday, February 10, 2008

View from 38,000 ft.

While traveling over 6 miles straight up, above the South Dakota Black Hills I had an epiphany. Yesterdday afternoon, on the flight home from Toronto - a little CRJ-900 - at 38,000 feet, I took a couple of pictures. Sometimes you look out the window and it feels so alone and quiet up there. But this day I noticed a series of contrails, you know the 'clouds' formed by high-flying aircraft. These were paralleling our flight track.Contrails don't last too long - so it was obvious we were traveling on the same path as previous flights. I couldn't get the camera out quick enough, but I also watched some contrails that were 90 degrees to our flight path.

We sometimes think the sky is wide open. And it is... but it is also quite busy up there. If you are looking to see what the skies are like at any time... check this out. Each red dot is another plane. Watch the video at the URL below to see one day's worth of flights.


Gram said...

That is incredible. What a busy 'highway'.

nanajan said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing