Wednesday, February 20, 2008

BYU -vs- Chapman University

Saturday - February 16th

We shared the responsibility for the Team Dinner after the game - so we prepped before the game in purchasing water, gatorade, cookies, chips, etc. as condiments for the great BBQ sandwiches the Ferrin's had catered for the boys after the game.

It was a very hard-fought contest! I thought the ref's were way to biased. I've seen lots of Lacrosse games... but even Coach Lamb was upset with the amount of hard checks the Chapman boys got away with. If the ref's are just fair - go ahead and let each team do their best. But it's the unfairness of calling all the calls one way - 6:1 foul ratio between BYU and Chapman...
But we could have played much better - by my count we only had 3 Face Off successes out of 31 opportunities. The Chapman Face Off guy was amazing!The game was played on a brand new stadium - and the fans were SO MUCH better than UCSB on Thursday! Lots of folks were at the game cheering - for both sides.We stayed close in the game, up a little, down a little, and even had a chance in the final seconds to pull it off... but we lost this game by just one point.Because of a 'mix up' with the team Jersey's - Brent was playing in #23 instead of his normal #47. They only brought the 2005 jerseys with up to 45... so he was in #23 in these pictures.Brent was able to get playing time in each half - I'm proud of him for working so hard to have the spot he does as a Freshman!They weren't too excited after the game... but did enjoy the meal we provided.


Gramps said...

Neat report of your trip Keith. Sounds like you had a great time. Jill said she was ready to move to SoCa. Now you have Mexico to add to your list of countries. The sailing would have been most enjoyable, having done some with you in Puget Sound on the Sea Scout vessel. Be safe and keep up the good reports.

Gram said...

Loved reading about the game and dinner provided by the parents. You and Jill are and have been the best at supporting your children. A pat on the back from your dear old Mom.