Thursday, February 21, 2008

Whittier Lacrosse Game

Monday - February 18th
After a nice lunch down in Laguna Beach - we headed north to Whittier College to watch the final BYU Lacrosse game.
Micah Melville had to film from high above the field... thanks Micah!

The boys played hard - but a couple of the same poor refs were even more blatant in their bias calls. I've never seen more bias reffing. When we made comments about the reffing... the ref in question came over and gave us a glare and a message to stop or he'd punish the team.

BYU had quite a few supporters in the audience. It was a very cold evening... but we yelled a lot to keep warm.

One of the Whittier players was obscenely rough to our Attackmen whenever the refs weren't looking. Even some times when they were... but never a call. Except against our guys. The game was very tight... we led for awhile... then they tied... then in overtime they did a bunch of blatant fouls - didn't get called... then three times a ball went out of bounds the refs gave it back to the 'Poets' and they finally scored the winning goal. The BYU boys played a well played game - Brent got in a couple of times as well. He played in both halves of all three away games.

It was fun to have these games to go and watch him and the team.
Jill and I had a nice, busy, fun little vacation together in Southern California.


Laura H said...

Loved to read about your busy fun weekend Keith and Jill. What a fun time to be able to go watch Brenters and get away.
Ken and Kathy haven't changed a bit!

Gram said...

Too bad the boys had to deal with poor refs. I am so happy you and Jill were able to go see Brent play and to have all the fun you did with Ken and Kathy.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy that you got to see your son play, what a wonderful experience. However comments about the refs are way off. It was a well played game and well reffed, too bad that you don't have enough objectivity to see that players, not refs, determine the outcome of a game